What is the Dia de Doar?
O Dia de Doar is a movement that aims to promote a more generous and donor country. In 2020 it will be held on December 1st. ​
When did it come?
The Dia de Doar appeared in 2012, in the United States, under the name #GivingTuesday. It was created by the organization 92Y with the proposal of being a counterpoint to the commercial dates #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday, and it is always on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. In Brazil, the first edition was held in 2013, under the name Dia de Doar, and since 2014 Brazil is part of the global network. ​
Which countries participate in Dia de Doar?
There are already more than 70 movements of the Dia de Doar around the world. Donate Day on all continents, and in countries like the United States, India, Italy, England, Australia, Kenya, Tanzania, Switzerland, Slovenia, Taiwan, Russia, and many more!
How can I get involved?
There are many ways! If you are an individual and want to donate or promote a donation on Dia de Doar, visit here. If you are going to promote the Dia de Doar within your company, here's how to participate. Are you part of any public agency? We have suggestions for you, see here. Are you a student, or part of a school, and want to mobilize for the Dia de Doar? We have suggestions for you. We also have suggestions for families and churches that want to get involved in the Day of Donating and promote solidarity among Brazilians. Many cities are coming together, in integrated campaigns. Ah, I know! You are from a civil society organization, an NGO! So you can't miss the opportunity to stimulate your donor network on Dia de Doar! Check out some ideas here!
Why should I disclose my participation?
By sharing your participation, you inspire thousands to follow your example! On December 1st, if you are going to donate, if your company, organization or community is going to do any donation action, publicize it on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.) using the hashtag #DiadeDoar. The more you publicize, the more successful the campaign will be and the more people will be touched by your action! And, in addition, it will help promote the culture of donation in Brazil!
Who promotes?
The Dia de DoarDay is promoted by the Movement for a Culture of Donation, a coalition of organizations and individuals who want to advance the culture of giving in the country. In Brazil, the Day of Donating is organized by ABCR - Brazilian Association of Fund Raisers. ​
Who owns the Dia de Doar?
The Dia de Doar movement is not a single organization. It belongs to everyone: individuals, families, civil society organizations and companies that want to support the initiative. Anyone who follows the principles of Donate Day can participate.
Can I use the Dia de Doar brand freely?
It must! Dia de Doar is a movement that encourages everyone to organize their own initiative. As long as they are aligned with the campaign, everyone can use the brand and materials available here on the website, whether to make a donation or to receive donations.
Can I use another hashtag, in addition to #diadedoar?
You can! You have complete freedom to create your hashtag, and build the narrative of your own Donate Day action. What is important is also to use the hashtag #DiadeDoar, so that your campaign will be integrated with everyone else's, and we will be able to measure the result of the Day of Donating across the country.
Can I raise funds for my organization using Dia de Doar?
Yes. In fact, you should! Organizations must effectively run campaigns to raise financial resources, promoting actions to request donations on Dia de Doar, so that individuals and companies can have support on Dia de Doar.
Can I donate on Dia de Doar?
Sure! That's the spirit! May everyone donate and, more than that, disclose that they are donating, using the hashtag #diadedoar, to encourage even more people to donate. ​
Do I have to pay anything? What do I have to give in return?
There is no charge for the use of the brand and materials, we just ask you to register the action (photos / texts / videos) and share it with us to put on social media, using the hashtag #DiadeDoar.
What are Community Campaigns?
They are campaigns carried out as part of the Day of Donating, but which do not aim to collect donations for a specific organization or project, but for a neighborhood, city or cause. In other words, in Community Campaigns, everyone is positively impacted, and not just one or the other organization. Examples are #DoaSorocaba, #DiadeDoarGramado and #DoeparaCulturaSP.
What is Minha História de Doação (My Donation Story)?
It is a campaign, part of the Dia de Doar, that encourages people to share their stories of generosity. At Minha História de Doação we want you to tell your individual story - not your family, organization, etc. The focus is on you, and it will inspire many others to do the same.
Can I donate for the Dia de Doar?
Yes. If you want to contribute so that what we promote has even more impact and reaches more people and organizations across the country, you can contribute to us. Write to contato@diadedoar.org.br and talk to us.
What can I not do?
Use the campaign, logo, hashtag or materials for other initiatives that are not related to the Dia de Doar.
Can I run non-financial donation campaigns?
May also! After all, we will make a country more generous and donor with much more than just money. However, it is important to remember that civil society organizations need money for their operation, so if it is possible to provoke your network to donate financial resources, this will be very important for the organization you want to support! Enjoy the Dia de Doar and encourage financial donation! ​
Am I a company, how do I participate in Dia de Doar?
Create a campaign, in your company, using the Dia de Doar logo and supporting a social action. The more creative the better! If the company maintains a foundation or institute, we suggest that the campaign supports at least one organization other than its own actions. Give visibility to your Dia de Doar campaign and tell us how it went!
I am a student with few resources, how do I participate in Dia de Doar?
Donate your time and energy by organizing a campaign for other people in your network to donate resources! Search the Internet for other initiatives that use few resources (have you seen the "Free Hug" campaign?). Volunteer with organizations in your community. Ideas will not be lacking. We would like to read your experience, share with us: minhahistoriadedoação.org.br .
Why do you want to receive information about my campaign?
To post here on the website and on our social media and inspire more people to follow your example. The more inspired people, the greater the social impact we can generate together.
I'm from the press and I would like to do a story. Who do I talk to?
Please contact us at contato@diadedoar.org.br or at (11) 3042-9693. This is ABCR's telephone number, which manages the day-to-day life of Dia de Doar.
Can I run my Dia de Doar campaign on the day I choose?
Every day is a day to donate. And you can start your campaign beforehand, and this is very common, precisely for the Dia de Doar to be the great peak, when the whole country will be talking about the importance of donating to civil society organizations.
What information would you like to receive about my action?
The Dia de Doar wants to inspire more and more people, engage them and, therefore, the more information the better! You can share with us photos, texts, testimonials, videos, your role (leader, supporter, participant), what was donated, how much was donated, if you have done it before, and if so, what were the previous results. Also register on our website to have your email and contact details for future actions. Tell your story of how you made a difference this day.
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