The Dia de Doar Day is a great movement to promote donation in Brazil. It is a mobilization that promotes a more generous and supportive country by connecting people with causes. And it does this by celebrating the pleasure of giving, and the habit of giving all the time.

As it is a movement, it is not centralized: the brand, the videos, the jingle, the posters and the most diverse tutorials are all available for those who want to participate in the campaign to appropriate the materials and create their own initiative. Who makes Donation Day happen is who is on the other side of the action - whether donating or doing an action to encourage the donation of individuals, companies, etc.

In 2020, on December 1, Tuesday, the whole of Brazil will be mobilized for the Dia de Doar: thousands of organizations will be prepared to receive donations, and millions of Brazilians will demonstrate their support, donating and making the donation public by sharing the hashtag #diadedoar on social media.

In Brazil, the Dia de Doar started in 2013, a year after the first edition, in the United States, in 2012. From 2014 on, Brazil became part of the global movement, which today has 72 countries participating officially, and actions being carried out in more than 190.

Outside, the Dia de Doar is named #GivingTuesday, which means "donation Tuesday". It comes following already famous commercial dates, such as BlackFriday and CyberMonday. It is always held on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving Day.

Who organizes and leads the mobilization is ABCR - Brazilian Association of Fund Raisers.

And the Dia de Doar is held on behalf of the Movement for a Culture of Donation, a coalition of organizations and individuals that promote the engagement of people with causes and civil society organizations, through donation as an instrument for strengthening democracy.

In 2019, the Dia de Doar Kids campaign was launched as part of the Dia de Doar movement , and whose purpose is to promote kindness and generosity among the younger audience. Dia de Doar Kids is part of the #GivingTuesdaySpark network, which is led by #GivingTuesday, the global version of Dia de Doar.


Access the infographics with the results of the Dia de Doar in previous years and get inspired to make an even more engaging mobilization in 2020!




Do you want to be a partner of Dia de Doar?

Our partners are companies and organizations that help to finance this great national movement, either with direct donation of resources or providing services that allow us to leverage the campaign nationally. If your company or organization wants to be a donor of Dia de Doar, write to

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