Community campaigns are initiatives carried out as part of the Dia de Doar movement, which expand the impact of the donation to cities, communities and causes.

Instead of being campaigns aimed at donating to an organization or project, Community Campaigns promote the donation of the community to the community itself, seeking the local engagement of people.

Community campaigns can be carried out in a city, in a neighborhood, or even for a specific cause. The important thing, when promoting a Community Campaign, is that it will not encourage donation to a single organization or project, but to everyone who is part of that community or cause.

Community campaigns are not carried out by our team, and have their own leadership, which can be from an NGO, a company, the City Hall or even a councilor.

WHAT ARE NOT: Community Campaigns are not campaigns to capture for an organization, or a project by an organization or a group of organizations. Community campaigns are campaigns to encourage donation in the community, broadly, without privileging a single institution.

We also have a large Thematic Community Campaign being held this year, #DiadeDoarKids.

Are you leading a community campaign? Write to us at

New Community Campaigns in 2020

Past Campaigns

Model of Bill

Many cities have already made the Dia de Doar official, by law, as a local date to be celebrated.

Officiating alone has no practical significance - except entering the local calendar of celebrations. But it is important to give credibility to the movement, and also to inspire other actors to engage in the initiative, in addition to providing to involve the public administration in it.
there is no need to approve the bill to make Dia de Doar in your city. What matters is the desire to promote the Campaign!
Check out some municipalities that have already approved their Dia de Doar laws - in addition to the State of São Paulo
(click on the name to access the approved law):
Araçatuba (SP)
Caicó (RN)
Estado de São Paulo
Goiânia (GO)
Gramado (RS)
Indaiatuba (SP)
Itabira (MG)
Jardim (MS)
Mogi das Cruzes (SP)
Limeira (SP)
Piracicaba (SP)
Poá (SP)
São Paulo (SP)
Sorocaba (SP)
Valença (BA)
Does your city or state also have a Dia de Doar law passed? Let us know by e-mail
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